Tutorial & Writing Tips Writing admission essay is by far responsible job because a person is about to enter a new, defining stage of his life. Writing a good admission essay means entering college or university where a person has applied.

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The Essence of an Admission Essay

An admission essay is part of the admission process in some colleges or universities. It may often be the most difficult task for the candidates due to the limitation in the quantity of words they are allowed to use. But, on the other hand, we cannot but admit can see that writing a few hundred words is better than writing a few hundred pages.

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An admission essay is usually assessed according to two main criteria:
the applicant’s writing ability (which also includes grammatical skills);
the content.

Thus, admission officers seek to make sure that the candidates are not only able to write well but also to provide arguments for their views. They want to learn about the personal qualities of each potential student, especially those facts that are not included in any document of their application package.

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Stages of Writing a Successful Admission Essay


First and foremost, the candidates have to write down everything they would like to mention in the essay depending on the topic given.

According to the topics essays usually fall into three categories: asking the applicants about themselves, asking about their reasons to choose this particular college or university and, finally, asking to share their opinion while covering some creative questions.


While writing a rough draft of the essay, the applicants do not have to pay much attention to the quality. This stage is aimed at working out the outline.


Now when the draft is ready, it is advisable to wait for some time before getting back to it with a fresh head. When the candidates proofread their essays, they should not take into account minor details such as grammar or spelling. They should, on the contrary, view the admission essay as a whole unity. If there are some weaknesses in the essay, the authors ought to work on them.


As soon as you are sure that all the drawbacks have been eliminated, you can start editing your essay for grammar and spelling as well as lucidity. You should also think of asking someone else to check your work because an outsider’s viewpoint will be more objective than the author’s.

Apart from observing the stages of admission essay writing there are some more useful tips:

  • Consider it as a chance
  • The success of your essay completely depends on you, so seize the opportunity to show your worth to the admission committee.
  • Refrain from writing an autobiography
  • Remember that you are limited in words, so do not waste them dwelling upon your accomplishments. They can be found in other documents of your application package. Nevertheless, your essay should be permeated with a single thesis.
Do not use hackneyed structures

If you want to show your intelligence, forget about trite metaphors or overused quotes. Try to be original in order to grip your reader’s attention.

Show your sense of humor

Although an admission essay is a serious task, a bit of fun will be quite suitable. An appropriate wit will add a special air to your writing. But measure is pleasure do not overuse it, otherwise admission officers may think you do not take it seriously.

Use your own thoughts

Do not try to seem different from what you are. Show your real self, think about what you want to tell, not what admission officers want to hear. Authenticity will speak for you.

Provide personal information and illustrations to your words
Avoid abstractness, be more specific and personal. The more examples, facts and quotations you use, the brighter images are conjured up in the reader’s mind.

Keep yourself from using both too theoretical and too colloquial language

Long words and scientific terms, especially used inappropriately, will distract the reader’s attention from the essay itself. The members of admission committee can tell a school leaver’s style from a professor’s one perfectly well. Do not try to throw dust into their eyes. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you can use slang or jargon words find a happy medium.

The last but not least take your time. Do not write your admission essay in a hurry the night before submitting your application. The earlier you start, the better.

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