Topics including Writing Tutorial Learn more about Basic English essay writing topics that may really help you. Look through the offered English topics and pick the one that really interests you. An essay is considered to be one of the most frequently used literary genres. It derives from French with the second meaning of an attempt in writing. Its popularity among English-speaking people can be explained in two ways.

First, it is widely-spread as part of application either for a job or to college. The topics for this kind of essay may vary from the common ones, asking you to tell about your work experience and personal characteristics, to quite unusual, getting your imagination to work much harder than usual. Sometimes such essays are to be written as a verse or a letter to a close person, at the same time answering the given topic.

Secondly, an essay is considered to be useful for improving one’s writing and language skills. For example, it is widely used in universities and colleges as part of students studies and a quite effective task. Usually it is called a research essay, or simply a paper. Such papers are usually provided with serious topics for contemplation, such as

  • the peculiarities of the plot in Gone with the Wind by M. Mitchell;
  • the Good and the Evil in Lord of the Rings–≤ by J.R.R. Tolkien;
  • the real and the imagined in Iliad and so on.

Essays as part of academic activity

Besides, students may be asked to write several essays during the term, describing their personal experience, the impact on their life of a remarkable event or the reason they chose the department they are studying in.

The topics here may be rather intriguing and vary from simple ones to those that are beyond any expectation as below:

  • Why, in your opinion, there are not five genders;
  • Imagine you are a colonist of a faraway planet. What would you do first?
  • Name three things you wouldn’t survive without on an inhabitant island;

Imagine you got into past, into Leif Ericson’s team going west to America. Your actions. Quite often essay topics consider important human issues such as

  • scientific breakthroughs and their ethical side;
  • abortion;
  • evolution and the reason we became the lords of creation;
  • laws and the difficulties in distinguishing what is wrong and what is right;
  • Internet and television and their influence on us;
  • the freedom of speech and how far it should extend.

The subdivision of essay topics

Sometimes essays are subdivided according to the kind of information they contain. So it means that topics also vary according to the type of the article you get. It is logical that in an opinion essay you will be provided with a topic to think it over and in an informative one you can be asked to share some information about your hobby or favorite pastime. Here are some topics for opinion essay:

  • Is it ethical for a company to use planned obsolescence or not;
  • Is there really a problem with hiring trophy kids;
  • Should gun be free or not? Explain your choice.
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Creative essay topics

However, when you deal with creative tasks, you are certain to be asked to make up a topic on your own. Well, it’s no big deal. You can either use the following ones or create your own.

  • How bees make honey;
  • Ambivalence in our nature;
  • Tales as thrillers of the past;
  • Is the LHC really Large or Last?
  • Is it true that revolution is easy to start, but hard to stop?

Learning English through writing essays

Another way of using essays is improving one’s skills in English. If you are a native speaker, then it is good for your mastering the norms of grammar and spelling. If you are not, then it is a good chance of learning English through writing essays. It means that you pick up a topic and then try to develop it considering not only the language standards, but also the style, appropriate to this genre and the logic.

One may ask how people are supposed to check themselves. Well, nowadays it is quite easy as it is possible to post your works on special sites where native speakers will correct it and provide you with advice. Just go on writing, choose interesting essay topics and create your own and one day you will be ready to accomplish any task.

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